May 2018  
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Wee Care Preschool

Immanuel Lutheran Preschool



512 5th St. NE

Independence, IA 50644


We would like to extend a warm welcome to you, your child, and your family.  Our promise to you is that the Immanuel Lutheran WeeCare Preschool will offer developmentally-appropriate curriculums and spiritual nurturing which will help to realize the God-given potential in each child. To be more specific, our goals are:


1)        To provide a Christian environment in which the child will be free to explore his/her surroundings and will receive guidance in participating in activities in which he/she will be able to experience success.

2)        To provide experiences and activities which will fulfill the child's basic needs: spiritual, emotional, psychological, intellectual, and physical.

3)        To teach simple Christian truths related to the child's experiences and level of development and to provide opportunities for Christian learning of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

4)        To enhance the child's self-esteem, listening skills, self-discipline, problem-solving skills, creative self-expression, and independence in work and play.

5)        To encourage the child to have concern for others, to cooperate in work and play, and to instill a spirit of sharing.

6)        To provide a variety of experiences including free exploration of music, art, worship, drama, language, health, science, math, social studies, and large and small motor skills, which are designed to teach each child about the wonderful world around them and to instill in each a zeal for living and for learning.

7)        To create a partnership between staff and parents, communicating regularly, building mutual understanding and greater consistency for the children, thereby reinforcing the religious training and experiences provided by the home and/or Sunday School.


We are a DHS licensed center following Creative Curriculum and Quality Preschool Program Standards. We have an Iowa Quality Rating System Rating of 4 stars. 


Director & 4 Year Old Teacher: Nicole Schmitz

4 Year Old Associate: Kristi Price

3 Year Old Teacher: Ashley Even

3 Year Old Associate: Lanette Simmons

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 4 Year Old Class
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